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Is a plea bargain a good deal in a drug case?

Prosecutors often offer plea deals in drug cases. They may also threaten the accused with a possible lengthy jail sentence if they refuse the offer.

A plea bargain  that includes minimal or no jail time may seem like a good deal in a drug case, when the alternative is years in prison. If the plea bargain includes a conviction, however, it may not be a good deal.

Why you should avoid a criminal conviction

If you are convicted of a drug crime in Georgia, you will have the stigma of a lifetime criminal record. Here are just a few examples of the ways a drug conviction on your record can affect you:

  • You may be denied admission to the college or graduate school of your choice.
  • You may face disciplinary actions at school, including expulsion
  • You may lose eligibility for student loans.
  • You may lose eligibility for government benefits.
  • You may find it difficult to rent an apartment.
  • An employer may not hire you.
  • You may be barred from certain careers.
  • You may be unable to obtain a license you need to operate a business.

How can I avoid a criminal conviction?

If you are a first-time drug offender, your lawyer may be able to resolve your case without a conviction or jail time. As long as you are not convicted, records of your arrest can be sealed so they will not be visible to employers, landlords, banks and others who may conduct a criminal background check on you.

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