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Georgia Drug Charges Lawyers


A conviction for a drug-related crime in the state of Georgia can have far-reaching consequences. Without an experienced criminal defense lawyer to represent you, you may lose your driver’s license for up to a year. You may lose your eligibility for a HOPE Scholarship or be forced to give up your financial aid. You may be unable to join the military. As a criminal defense law firm, David West & Associates is committed to defending the rights of our clients and shielding them from harsh penalties.

Our lead attorney, David S. West, has been practicing criminal law since 1994. He is well known for his work in drug-related cases, and for taking a stand against judges who allow police to make arrests without cause.

Marietta Drug Trafficking Attorneys Serving All of Georgia: Providing Effective Defense

At our firm, we handle drug cases at all levels of severity, including:

  • Simple possession, including felony simple possession and misdemeanor simple possession
  • Drug possession with intent to distribute
  • Sale
  • Drugs not in container — carrying prescription drugs outside of their original container
  • Trafficking
  • Federal drug cases

Mr. West has handled many large-scale drug cases, including one in which the client was caught with 40 pounds of methamphetamine — and walked out of court a free man. He has also taken on cases that involved the largest marijuana growing operations in the state. His knowledge of criminal law and effective defense strategies has enabled him to keep 75 percent of his clients charged with drug crimes out of jail.

We employ a number of successful strategies that enable us to convince prosecutors to reduce or dismiss charges. For instance, helping a client polish his or her image can often convince prosecutors and judges to consider reducing the charge.

Contact David West & Associates

Our office is located in Marietta, Georgia, and we represent clients in Atlanta and throughout the state. To speak with a Georgia drug charges attorney, contact our office at 678-384-4069 or 888-597-6596. We are available to take your call 24 hours a day.