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Client Testimonials

“When people mention the word “Lawyer”, it, unfortunately, conjures up preconceived, stereotypical perceptions for most. Mr. David West will alleviate any presumptive notions you may have, the moment you shake his hand. I was charged with felony obstruction. I was very nervous at the beginning of my consultation. I quickly became very comfortable speaking with Mr. West. His explanations to my questions were informative and easy to understand. He told me not to worry, that he would take care of everything. Wow, I didn’t realize he would literally “take care of everything”. He, and his staf( were with me every step of the process. His office manager I assistant, Beth, is incredible. My eventual outcome was more than I could have hoped for. I proudly recommend his services to anyone. Thank you David West & Associates.”
– Posted by Don, a Federal Crime client

“Mr. West was simply the best. I was facing serious jail time for a second dui and would have been without my license for a year had it not been for the hard work he put into my case. He kept me pretty well informed on everything going on, given some of the more serious cases he also works on. And his staff always had answers for me when I called his office. He was really a great speaker in court and I could tell he was really fighting for me. He also seems to get a lot of respect from the prosecutor and the judges as they appeared to listen to everything he had to say. I saw the review by the other person on here and really can’t believe it. Mr. West went out of his way to say we had a tough hill to climb with my case and that he didn’t know what would happen when we started but he really worked hard once he got started to make sure I got a great result. His hard work saved my job and my license and I had to come on here to make sure other people saw what he was capable of. Mr. West is a pro and anyone who doesn’t check him out before handing their case to someone else is making a big mistake. You will be glad you went to see him. I sure am.”
– Posted by Michael, a DUI client

“Mr. West was clear and exact with his comments concerning my pending case. He gave me a realistic outlook of what to expect and did a fine job of implementing the plan. While I certainly do not plan on needing any additional criminal defense in my life, I would trust Mr. West with any legal needs.
– Posted by Glenn, a Criminal Defense client

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