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You may have lost your criminal case, but that does not mean you must lose hope. If an error that occurred during your original trial led to your conviction, you have the right to seek an appeal with the help of an experienced criminal appeals lawyer. David West & Associates is a criminal defense law firm that has handled appeals everywhere in the state of Georgia – and won.

If you were charged with a crime and lost at trial, you must convince the original trial judge that your attorney, the judge or jury that justify a new trial. If you are unsuccessful, we will make a direct appeal to the court of appeals or Supreme Court of Georgia. Capital cases go directly to the Supreme Court.

Marietta Appeals Process Attorneys With Years Of Experience: Serving All of Georgia

Your best chance for a favorable outcome lies with an attorney who has extensive knowledge and experience with the appeals process. David S. West has worked in appellate courts for many years, and knows what appellate courts look for when deciding whether to overturn a conviction.

To overturn your conviction, our attorneys will make use of legal means such as:

  • Habeas corpus
  • Petitions for certiorari
  • Motions for new trials

We will exhaust every option available in pursuit of the most favorable outcome.

Attorney West successfully appealed the conviction of a defendant who had been convicted at trial. The court reversed the conviction and released our client after we proved prosecutors presented illegal evidence at his trial. Prosecutors chose not to retry him.

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Marietta and Atlanta, Georgia, appeals attorney David West has practiced criminal defense since 1994. If you feel that your conviction was the result of a mistake in your original trial, Mr. West can examine the case to determine the strength of the issues that you present. To learn more, contact our office in Marietta at 678-384-4069 or 888-597-6596.

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