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Georgia Paroles Attorneys


If you need assistance with your parole review or securing a pardon, an experienced attorney can help you secure a favorable outcome. David West & Associates is a law firm that provides assistance with pardons and paroles to clients throughout the state of Georgia.

Marietta Pardon Lawyers Serving All of Georgia

After you have completed a sentence, you may be able to ask the state to restore the rights you lost due to your conviction. You may also be able to pursue a modification of your record that removes the conviction. Attorney West will file the necessary paperwork to seek a pardon from the Governor’s office so that you may be released from responsibility for the offense.

A client who had no criminal record for 20 years asked for assistance with a pardon for a past felony drug conviction. After working closely with him to gather and present evidence in his favor, David West & Associates succeeded in securing a pardon for him — and clearing the felony conviction from his record.

Assistance With Parole

During the parole review process, the parole board will examine the defendant’s history, case and other information. We work closely with friends and family to put together packages that demonstrate to the parole board reasons why you or your loved one should be released. Marietta, Georgia, paroles lawyer David West meets with case managers and appears before the parole board. In preparation for a parole review, he ensures that every positive aspect of your character, behavior and record is presented to the board. He also ensures that the review process proceeds as it should — with no delays.

David West assisted a client who was serving a five-year sentence and wished to pursue an early release. Mr. West worked with the caseworker assigned to the case and discovered an error in the handling of the client’s case file. As a result, the client was brought up for review four months ahead of schedule — and was ultimately released as a result of our discovery of this error.

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Lawyer David West focuses exclusively on criminal defense. He can help you move forward with your life. Contact his office in Marietta at 678-384-4069 or 888-597-6596 if you have questions about pardons or parole eligibility in Atlanta, Marietta or throughout Georgia.