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Georgia Juvenile Crimes Lawyers


All children make mistakes, but when those mistakes are criminal, the consequences can completely jeopardize a child’s future. A child who is convicted of a crime may fall behind in school, become ineligible for scholarship opportunities, and even be placed in state custody. He or she may also lose the ability to serve in the military. David S. West is an attorney who understands everything that is at stake for a young person facing criminal charges. Since 1994, he has helped young people and their families fight against criminal charges.

Marietta Delinquency Attorneys Fighting For Young People Throughout Georgia

Mr. West represents children and teenagers facing criminal allegations of all types such as:

  • Underage drinking
  • Theft
  • Assault
  • Sex crimes
  • Drug possession
  • Marijuana possession

Mr. West will work closely with you and your child to protect his or her best interests. Juvenile courts differ from other courts in that they focus less on punishment and more on rehabilitating the child so that he or she can move forward to live a productive life. To that end, Mr. West collaborates with school officials, social workers, prosecutors and judges to resolve cases effectively and efficiently.

Mr. West successfully defended a client from the City of Milton who allegedly set fires to several cars and driveways. Though facing five years of juvenile detention and the possibility of facing felony charges, Mr. West convinced prosecutors and judges to place the client on probation to work to pay back the damages done.

In addition to helping your child navigate the justice system, Mr. West will fight to have the records sealed so that this mistake does not follow your child into the future. He will also help you and your child create a plan that will prevent your child from facing criminal allegations again in the future.

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