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3 reasons why you need a criminal defense attorney

Being charged with any type of crime can result in long-term consequences that can impact your life tremendously. Even in the case of seemingly minor criminal accusations, it is always a good idea to hire an attorney for your defense to protect your rights and ensure due process. The law is very complicated, and the average person is not aware of the ways the prosecution can use it to sentence them to the harshest punishments possible. Instead of taking chances with the outcome of your case, learn the reasons why it is beneficial for you to use an attorney.

1. Reduce charges and sentencing

Just because you are charged with a specific crime does not mean you deserve those charges. Oftentimes, law enforcement gives criminal offenders the most severe charges possible. Working with an attorney ensures that your situation gets the attention it deserves. A lawyer can subpoena all evidence regarding your circumstances to determine if anyone has violated your rights in any way. If there was a violation, your attorney may be able to negotiate less severe charges and penalties.

2. Improve your understanding of the situation

You may not know your rights and have unrealistic expectations about your situation. You may also have limited knowledge about the penalties you face and how they can impact your life. An attorney has the experience and a thorough understanding of the law and its processes, and can go over your options so you can make the best decisions possible.

3. Represent you in court

Attorneys work for you. They represent you. They have smaller caseloads than public defenders and can focus on your situation so nothing is overlooked. You can tell them everything that happened involving the circumstances that lead to your charges without fear of judgment or prosecution. They cannot and will not use that information against you; instead they will apply it to negotiate on your behalf with the prosecution. They can also determine if certain facts and evidence are relevant to your case and build a stronger defense to secure you a more favorable outcome.

Forgoing legal representation is one of the riskiest choices you can make if you are facing criminal charges. A conviction can give you a criminal record that will follow you through life, and there are many uncertainties in your situation that the prosecution can take advantage of. When charged with a crime, you should speak to an attorney to learn your options.