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Major drug bust in Georgia leads to 140 warrants

When a person commits a drug crime in Georgia they are aggressively prosecuted by law enforcement and other entities. Drug crimes are taken seriously in Georgia and someone who is convicted can face serious penalties, including jail time, fines, and a felony record. A major drug bust recently occurred in Georgia for meth.

Months-long drug investigation in Butts County leads to 140 warrants

The Butts County Sheriff’s office recently announced that they have issued over 140 warrants and seized almost 10 pounds of meth along with handguns, cash, stolen property, high powered rifles and vehicles. The investigation, named Operation Crystal Web, began in August 2020 and has involved 12 different counties in Georgia.

The trafficking ring was allegedly operating from Gwinnett County to Telfair County and a number of agencies were involved. The arrest warrants were issued for drug trafficking meth, distribution, theft, firearms related charges, and charges under Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. Local, state and federal investigators were involved in the investigation.

Criminal defense attorney strong ally for those facing drug charges

If a Marietta area person is facing a drug charge, they may feel scared and alone. A conviction for a drug-related crime can have consequences that last for years. An attorney who specializes in drug crimes understands the serious situation their client is facing. They can defend the rights of their clients and help to shield them from harsh penalties. They can employ a number of successful strategies to reduce or dismiss the charges their client is facing, allowing them to return to their regular life.