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Drug possession crimes under Georgia law

Crimes related to the possession of drugs are serious matters under Georgia law. An individual who has been arrested on alleged drug possession charges may not know what to do or who to contact in order to help them work through the overwhelming allegations made against them. They can benefit from contacting and retaining a knowledgeable Marietta-based criminal defense attorney to help them work through the details and defenses applicable to their case.

Drug possession charges based on alleged substance types

In Georgia, drug possession charges can vary depending on the type of substance a person is alleged to have under their control. Both illegal drugs and prescription drugs can be considered illicit substances for possession charges. Generally, the more likely to be abused, the more dangerous the drug, or the less likely the substance is to have an accepted medical use will mean the more serious of a charge the alleged drug possessor will face.

All drug possession charges, aside from marijuana charges, are felonies in Georgia. That is why individuals who face possession charges should take them very seriously. A felony charge can result in years in prison and long-term consequences for a drug possession defendant.

Understanding defense options when confronting possession allegations

As readers can see, drug possession is serious and should be met with serious defensive strategies. An individual and their attorney may elect to use different defense options to counter the claims made by prosecutors. Those defensive strategies can fall into a range of categories:

  • Unlawful searches committed by law enforcement officers
  • Mistakes made by police and crime labs
  • Mistakes of fact regarding who possessed allegedly illegal drugs
  • Wrongful actions by law enforcement officers including but not limited to drug planting and entrapment

This post does not provide any legal advice and does not advocate for specific defensive strategies for individual readers. It is important that all drug possession defendants seek out case-specific guidance to address their legal needs. Criminal defense attorneys are available to help them move through their cases.