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Dozens arrested in South Fulton drug bust

A conviction in Georgia for a drug crime can have serious consequences. If a person is facing drug crime charges, they need an experienced criminal defense attorney. Drug crimes are taken seriously in Georgia and a conviction can lead to serious consequences.

Major South Fulton drug bust

A large drug raid in South Fulton resulted in the arrest of dozens of people. It was also the largest drug bust ever in South Fulton. After a three-month investigation, the City of South Fulton police department located the operation in an unassuming warehouse. Inside the warehouse there was allegedly a drug grocery-store like operation going on.

There were allegedly vendors with tables set up with their drugs for sale. Authorities seized 630 pounds of marijuana, 198 pounds of lean, 188 ecstasy pills, 1.5 pounds of mushrooms, and $12,000. They also impounded several cars and seized 13 guns. In addition to the items found, they arrested 31 people for drug trafficking and 30 for criminal trespass.

Drug crimes attorney

If a person finds themselves facing drug charges, they should understand how serious a situation they are in. Drug crime convictions can bring years of jail time, fines, and a ruined reputation. An attorney who specializes in criminal defense understands that the stakes are high for his client. They understand criminal law and effective defense strategies and will use these to help their client get the best possible outcome.

Facing serious charges is a situation no Marietta area resident wants to find themselves in. Knowing that there are legal professionals there to help can be comforting for a defendant.