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Marijuana sold over the internet leads to investigation, arrests

The debate over legalizing marijuana continues in Georgia. Despite many states in the nation deciding to reduce enforcement or to legalize marijuana in certain degrees, it remains largely illegal in the Peach State. When people are caught selling it in some form, they will be subject to arrest and face various penalties. Even though marijuana may not be treated as seriously as it was in the past, those who have been investigated and arrested for trafficking, dealing or possession of marijuana and its derivatives should still remember the need to craft a strong defense.

Internet sales of edible marijuana leads to crackdown and arrests

One way in which marijuana is being sold is over the internet. When there are accusations that a person or people have been selling it in this way, it can lead to an investigation and charges. Recently, 24 people were arrested after law enforcement went undercover following complaints that edible marijuana was being sold to teens. The edibles were said to have been strategically packed in a way that hid from adults what they really were by making them look like snacks.

The products had THC from 30% to 93%. Any amount above 0.3% is illegal in the state. Some of the products were made in Atlanta while others came from states in which marijuana has been legalized. Those selling these products did so via social media, making it difficult for law enforcement to stop it. Parents and teachers complained about it, sparking the investigation and the subsequent arrests.

Avoiding the harshest penalties may require professional help

Regardless of the current debate as to the seriousness of marijuana use and discussions as to whether it should be legalized, people are still arrested for marijuana charges in Georgia and can be confronted with life-changing penalties. These may include incarceration, fines and more.

Fortunately for those charged, there are effective avenues of defense. This is especially true if the sales were taking place online. It is possible there were issues with the way in which evidence was gathered or the people charged are wrongfully accused. There could be the chance to reduce the charges or to be acquitted. Before saying or doing anything, consulting with experienced professionals can be helpful in crafting a defense strategy.