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Large stash of drugs seized after traffic stop

We all make choices in life, and sometimes, those choices work out, and sometimes, they do not. Unfortunately, when those choices involve illegal drugs, the consequences of those choices not working out can be severe. According to Coweta County deputies, this was the case for one Alabama driver recently.

The alleged seizure

Coweta County deputies claim that they stopped the Alabama driver because he was speeding in excess of 100 miles per hour on Interstate 85. The Coweta County deputy that pulled him over said that he smelled marijuana while he was speaking with the driver.

This led them to search the vehicle, and they found fentanyl, a gun and marijuana. This, in turn, has led to weapon and drug charges, and the man is now being held without bond in the Coweta County Jail.

After a traffic stop

For Marietta, Georgia, residents facing a traffic stop, do not consent to a search. If they claim to “smell” something, do not consent to a search. Hand over the drivers’ license and insurance, and leave it at that. Do not engage with the officer or talk about what may or may not be in the car. Remember, the police officer’s job during traffic stops is to search for larger offenses. And, can one truly know what is in their car? After all, ever time another person sits in that car or every time the car remains unlocked, anyone could place anything in the car, so allowing a search should never be done, even if we think there is nothing in the car. Be prudent and polite, handing over the required information, but do not engage.

After an arrest

Well, what if the police officer “smelled” marijuana and engages in a search anyway. Still, do not engage. Follow commands, reiterate that the search is not by one’s consent and invoke the right to remain silent. Then, if they “find” something, maintain the right to remain silent and ask for an attorney immediately.