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7 arrested in alleged drug ring

Many drug cases arise from traffic stops and other relatively simple incidents in which police find drugs in a person’s possession while investigating something unrelated. The charges involved in these cases are serious, and they can ruin the lives of the accused, but they aren’t necessarily the types of charges that law enforcement wants to see. Law enforcement would like to see cases that threaten to bring down drug trafficking networks.

For these big cases, law enforcement needs big, time-consuming investigations. When they move in to start making arrests, a lot of people can get caught up in the bust. Sometimes, people who played very minor roles in a network can suddenly find they are facing serious charges, along with individuals who were more deeply involved.

18-month investigation

Recently, police in Georgia announced they had rounded up seven people in a series of arrests they said were intended to break up a methamphetamine trafficking ring. Police said they seized four pounds of the illegal drug, along with a number of firearms and about $8,000 in cash.

According to law enforcement, the arrests followed 18 months of investigation. The operation involved the sheriff’s offices of White, Lumpkin and Hall counties as well as the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Appalachian Regional Drug Enforcement Office.

The seven people will face multiple charges, including violation of the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO. This is a major federal law used in large prosecutions of organized crime.

Innocent until proven guilty

Large-scale drug crime prosecutions are difficult for everyone involved. It is absolutely crucial that the accused get help from an experienced criminal defense attorney who can protect their rights and give them sound advice.