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DEA seizes large quantity of meth

The activity at the southern border of the United States has seen much more than the crossing of immigrants looking for refuge. It has also made it easier for drug traffickers to get their wares into the country by often standard means using commercial equipment that can slip through inspection lines unnoticed. It can impact southern states like Georgia significantly as well. This has long been a method for smuggling marijuana because it is considered a less harmful and non-lethal drug. However, when drug traffickers begin shipping more dangerous drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine using this method, the arrests and drug charges get much more serious.

Recent DEA haul in Georgia

This heightened activity has recently been evidenced in Georgia when DEA agents apprehended a tractor-trailer and its contents, which turned out to be a load of methamphetamine. And to make the arrest even worse, the contraband was actually in liquid format. This alone enhances any drug charges. Most amphetamine has historically been sent as a powder form bound for delivery in southern U.S. states.

Hauling technique

This case is unique in one particular aspect, as the cargo in the trailer was not contraband. The liquid meth, which is typically used for intravenous body delivery, was stored in the lining of the trailer. Deceit is a common tactic when transporting meth, as the additional cargo can serve as a decoy when no drug detection dogs are used in the inspection. Additionally, many smaller dealers are using standard commercial delivery services for transfers within the states, which is also basis for additional trafficking charges.

This case alone will more than likely heighten the awareness for federal and state drug law enforcement teams going forward. The damage that can be done to communities in states like Georgia is enormous, and especially in the Atlanta area.