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Police officer faces DUI charges after accident on way to work

Drunk driving offenses are among the most commonly charged crimes in Georgia courts. According to data from the Georgia Department of Driver Services, there were 19,208 DUI convictions in the state in 2019.

Many of the people arrested on suspicion of drunk driving have never had any first-hand experience of the criminal justice system, and the experience can be terrifying for them. People from all walks of life can have a couple drinks, get behind the wheel and then suddenly find themselves facing the possibility of driver’s license suspension, large fines and time behind bars.

Some of these people are your friends and neighbors. Some are your co-workers and bosses. And some are cops.

Police officer arrested

According to a news report, a police officer in Newnan was fired recently after he was accused of being drunk when he crashed his police department car. Police said the man was speeding while on his way to work when he became distracted and lost control of his vehicle while making a left turn. He ended up crashing onto a traffic island.

No one was hurt in the incident, but when police arrived to investigate, they said the man appeared to be intoxicated. Police administered a breath test and arrested the man on charges of DUI and failure to maintain a lane.

The police department later fired the man, saying that it was important for the department to uphold standards of behavior for its officers.

DUI defense

Drunk driving is a serious problem on Georgia roads, and it’s right for the public to be concerned about the threat to safety posed by intoxicated drivers. Still, a crucial principle of our criminal justice system is that everyone who has been accused of a crime deserves a defense.

Defending against DUI charges is not easy, but it can be done. Attorneys help defendants protect their rights and limit the damage that these charges can do to their futures.