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Ten indicted on drug trafficking charges

Drug charges often come with a nesting doll of problems. In a prior blog, we discussed just how much time a person can spend in prison as a result of drug trafficking conviction.

State and federal level charges that come with separate penalties for the convicted. A recent news article demonstrates just how harsh the federal penalties can be for drug crime convictions in Georgia.

Ten indicted over heroin and methamphetamine charges

KTNN reports that 10 people face charges related to the alleged trafficking of heroin and methamphetamine from Mexico into Georgia.

Authorities claimed they used Facebook data and searches at hotels and residences to establish their case. All 10 individuals face charges, including a conspiracy charge that carries a potential life sentence in federal prison.

What are my options if I face drug charges?

If you face state or federal drug charges from possession to trafficking, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

A charge does not equal automatic conviction and you can exercise your right to remain silent without an attorney present. You do not have to speak with police or authorities because any statements can be used against you.

Remember, the police that act like your friends or who claim to be there to help you are not on your side. The only person on your side after an arrest is your attorney.

A defense attorney can also be helpful in asserting your rights and crafting a defense strategy. Prosecutors have months or years to build and amass their case and evidence.

You deserve an advocate for your case that understands you may have the weight of the world on your shoulders.