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How do I pick a Georgia theft and property crimes attorney?

Facing criminal charges is never an easy hill to climb. It is a scary experience, regardless of the circumstances. However, Georgia theft and property crimes can be unique to our state and even to the local municipality that charged you. Indeed, the charge of theft and property charge you face in Marietta, Georgia could be very different from if the same alleged facts occurred in another part of Georgia or in another state. Property crimes can be hyper local. This is why it is so important to pick a hyper-local Georgia theft and property crimes attorney.

Why local matters

As alluded to in the introduction, the theft and property charges themselves can vary widely. This is why your attorney needs experience with specific Marietta, Georgia, theft and property charges. And, more than just different charges, courts also vary wildly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Judges have their own rules, styles and district attorneys’ offices have their own policies and procedures when dealing with criminal defense attorneys. Knowing this ahead of time and having a successful track record of defending theft and property charges can be the difference between jail or freedom.

I already have a public defender

If you face a theft and property charge that has the potential penalty of jail in Marietta, Georgia, you will receive a public defender in both state and federal cases. However, these state and federal public servants have limited resources and time but an unlimited number of clients. Unfortunately, this means that they rarely have the time or resources you need to adequately defend against theft and property charges, which is why many choose to get their own attorney.

I am worried about the cost

When thinking about cost, too many people only think about the legal fees. However, what some forget is that theft and property charges have many other costs that a good attorney can help mitigate. These include fees associated with a conviction; time away from work, if convicted (and during trial); loss of employment and educational opportunities as a result of charges or convictions, etc. When comparing the costs associated with hiring an attorney, make sure you factor in all of these costs as well, and talk to your potential attorney about your budget too.