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Are all traffic stops just and necessary?

Most people who are pulled over by the police for minor infractions believe that it is a normal practice. They do not question it if they are let go with a warning. However, a person who has to go to court and pay a fine may find the practice to be unnecessary. Today, more drivers in Georgia are wondering if traffic stops are occurring too frequently and getting out of hand.

Why are traffic stops needed?

Traffic stops occur when police officers pull over cars to assign minor infractions that may result in court fines or short-term imprisonment. Most drivers who are pulled over have vehicles with expired tags or broken taillights, headlights or brake lights, etc. They may have performed minor traffic violations from running a red light to failing to signal a turn. For some drivers who are pulled over and penalized for these behaviors, a traffic citation results in legal problems that seem excessive for the minor violation that occurred.

How do drivers prevent traffic stops?

A nationwide movement is being led to prevent traffic stops and prevent police officers from pulling over drivers for minor traffic violations. Supporters of this movement are claiming that these traffic stops are excessive, unnecessary and burdensome for courts that have hundreds of other cases to handle every day. Drivers are encouraged to maintain their cars regularly and follow traffic rules to avoid being pulled over. In addition, legal professionals are trying to change the system to avoid being overburdened with cases of small traffic violations.

It’s not always easy to tell when traffic stops become too many to handle. For some people, the evidence that the police have overstepped their boundaries is obvious. More advocacy groups are working toward reforming laws to keep drivers safe on the road while reducing the burden of traffic violations on the legal system.