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Protecting your rights when you are faced with armed robbery charges

The criminal process can feel like an overwhelming and complicated process. When faced with a serious felony charge, it is hard to think about anything other than the severe consequences associated with a conviction.

While the penalties for an armed robbery charge is looming over you, it is important to not let that deter you from taking immediate action to create a criminal defense. Because a conviction could harm your life in many ways for an extended period, a criminal defense is your chance to gain a sense of control over your future.

Armed robbery charge

At David West & Associates, our law firm understands the seriousness of an armed robbery charge. A lot is at stake, which is why our skilled attorneys work diligently to create the best and most effective defense for our clients.

A charge for armed robbery could result in various situation, and our law firm considers the entirety of your matter when assessing your defense options. The use of a weapon in the commission of a robbery is the basic definition of the felony charge; however, the charge could result when a replica of a weapon is used, an object that looks like a weapon is used or there was a threat of a weapon regardless of the possession of one.

Potential penalties

Various factors are taken into consideration when determining what the criminal consequences are for an armed robbery charge. This could include the details of the crime as well as the accused’s criminal history.

In Georgia, this felony charge could result in 10 to 20 years in prison, life in prison or carry the death penalty. If you have a prior felony conviction on your record, the penalty is the maximum sentence. And if you have three prior convictions, the maximum sentence is implemented without the possibility of parole.

Theft and property crimes are serious crimes and are treated as such. Thus, those accused of an armed robbery face severe penalties. By asserting a timely and aggressive defense, the charges or penalties could be reduced, or the charges could be dismissed altogether. Thus, it is imperative to understand your situation and legal rights. A legal professional can answer any questions you have, helping you make an informed decision about your defense.