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What happens if you are caught possessing marijuana in Georgia?

With many states across the nation having much more relaxed policies toward marijuana now than they ever did before, it is easy to get confused about what is legal and what is still illegal when it comes to the drug. When it comes to the laws for marijuana possession in Georgia, there are very specific laws and charges that must be strictly adhered to.

If you are charged with trafficking or distributing marijuana, if you possess more than 10 lbs., you will probably face serious consequences. According to laws in Georgia, if you possess more than 10 lbs., but less than 2,000 lbs.,, you will get a 5-year prison sentence. If you possess between 2,000 lbs., and 10,000 lbs., a 7-year prison sentence goes with that. The minimum amount of prison time that you will serve if you possess more than 10,000 lbs., is 15 years.

 Are the laws tougher in Georgia than other states?

The laws concerning marijuana possession across the United States are not uniform. Some states have tougher laws and others have laws that are more relaxed. When it comes to marijuana reform policies, Georgia has not quite caught up yet. Georgia is one of 19 states that still enforces simple possession laws with serving time in jail. It is also one of only 13 states that has no compassionate medical cannabis laws. With the elections being held in November of this year, voters will be able to elect more legislators who are in favor of cannabis products.

There are several different bills that are being considered that, if passed, would soften the laws in Georgia that are currently enforced. One bill would regulate and legalize cannabis for adults. Two other bills would have referred a Constitutional amendment on legalizing cannabis to voters. Another bill would reduce the penalty for possessing less than a half an ounce of marijuana to no more than $300. Finally, two other bills would have created medical cannabis programs. In 2022; however, no bill made it through the legislative process.

Valuable legal advice from a Georgia attorney

Considering the harshness of the marijuana possession laws in Georgia, a person would experience dire consequences if they were charged. If you are in a similar position, it is critical that you understand your rights. An attorney with extensive experience dealing with Georgia’s marijuana possession laws may be able to turn your case around so that the outcome is far better than you may have expected. That can give you a new lease on life and allow you to concentrate on a brighter future.