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Medical cannabis is now legal in Georgia, but marijuana is not

As Georgia moves forward with legalizing medical cannabis, there are bound to be people in the state who believe that marijuana—medical and otherwise—is now legal as well. This could lead to them being arrested for growing, possessing and selling it and facing the litany of penalties associated with a conviction.

Given the number of states that are decriminalizing marijuana use and Georgia letting people purchase cannabis from dispensaries if they have a card approving it, it is likely that people will make the mistake of possessing and using marijuana and be arrested for it. It is essential to understand the basics of medical cannabis legalization and to have assistance if there is a marijuana-related arrest.

Legal medical cannabis is not the same as marijuana or medical marijuana

In Georgia, people can use medical cannabis if they have a Registry card. To get one, they must have a disease that can be treated by medical cannabis or be the legal guardian of someone who does. These include cancer, seizures from epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and others.

Medical cannabis has low THC oil, making it different from marijuana. Despite misconceptions that medical cannabis being legalized means that people can use marijuana without repercussions, the truth is that people can still be arrested if they grow, possess or sell marijuana in the Peach State. It is also illegal to sell food products with low THC oil. It cannot be inhaled. Physicians cannot prescribe it.

Those who have fewer than 20 ounces of low THC oil and are using it for medical reasons can do so. Others can be arrested. It is vital to remember that medical marijuana is not legal in the state and those who are caught and charged might still be convicted, imprisoned and fined. Any entity selling low THC must be licensed.

Those arrested for marijuana should know the importance of a criminal defense

There is bound to be confusion about the new laws regarding legalized medical cannabis and marijuana. People might not be aware of the technicalities with THC and its properties. Drug charges can still result in severe and life-changing penalties, even for marijuana. This is true even with a rising number of states legalizing it. Georgia is not one of them.

When there has been a marijuana-related arrest, it is wise to have assistance with crafting a viable defense against the allegations. Contacting professionals who have nearly three decades of experience can help with formulating a strategy.