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Disputing the accuracy of roadside drug tests

You have been pulled over in Georgia, asked to take a test, and the results are positive. Are those roadsides tests truly accurate? Many experts believe those tests are not, which can make a difference in a drug possession trial.

Courts beginning to prevent the use of field tests

Field tests are the common pieces of evidence used to convict those arrested on drug charges. However, a growing body of evidence indicates that chemical field tests used at the scene reveal considerable inaccuracies, with some going as far as producing false positive results.

Over the past several years, courts across the United States have overturned drug possession convictions as many jurisdictions have realized that these approved tests have produced positive results that were not accurate. Many defendants in these cases have pleaded guilty at preliminary hearings. Once these tests are entered into evidence, many defendants plead guilty, even if innocent, thinking they are doomed and cannot beat the system. However, studies have shown that most roadside drug tests are manufactured cheaply and are inaccurate under many circumstances. The main problem with these tests is they are designed to produce specific colors when mixed with particular drugs. However, these tests have false positive results when their chemicals are mixed with many common substances.

Fighting drug possession charges

Many drug possession charges are difficult to fight, especially when they are combined with field tests. However, the inaccuracy of these field tests indicates their unreliability, as some law enforcement agencies have received orders to stop their usage because of false positive tests. Dozens of household items like foods and chemical cleaners can create positive results, leading authorities to believe they have a basis to arrest you for possessing heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine and other illegal drugs.

You can do several things to fight back if you have been falsely accused of drug possession. The first is to find out what type of field sobriety test was used in your case. If it’s one in question, you may be able to defend your position successfully.