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Next steps after an arrest for armed robbery

Armed robbery is a major crime that comes with serious potential penalties, including prison time. Under Georgia law, armed robbery occurs when you take property from someone using a weapon.

If you are arrested for armed robbery, do not say anything to the police at the time of the arrest. Do not fight, resist or say anything that could later be used against you. Follow their instructions.

First appearance hearing

The first step after your arrest is a first appearance hearing. This usually happens within 48 to 72 hours after an arrest. This hearing is held before a Magistrate Judge, who reads the charges against you and tells you that you have a right to remain silent and a right to an attorney.

Probable cause and bond hearing

The next step is a probable cause and bond hearing, which you may have to request. This is an important hearing because this is where a Superior Court judge determines if there is enough evidence to prosecute you for armed robbery.

If the judge decides there is not enough evidence your charges could be dismissed. However, if the judge decides there is enough evidence to proceed, they will then decide if you should be released on bond, pending your trial.

Bond factors

There are various factors a judge considers when deciding whether to release someone on bond. You will generally be granted bond if the judge finds that there is no significant risk that you will skip town and you do not pose any significant danger to anyone or the community.

You also have a better chance of receiving bond if the judge does not believe you will commit any additional felonies before your trial or obstruct the legal process.

Arraignment hearing

Once your bond hearing is done, you will have an arraignment hearing and enter a not guilty plea.

It is then time to begin working on your criminal defense. There are many defenses to the crime of armed robbery and your case must be thoroughly evaluated to determine if one of these defenses applies.