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Four ways the police will try to get you to talk in your drug case

When you’re under suspicion for having committed a drug crime, the police are bound to question you. And when they do, they’re going to utilize several tactics to try to get you to talk. If they can keep you talking, then they increase the chances that you’ll say something that they can use against you.

That’s why it’s critically important in your drug case that you avoid talking with the police until advised otherwise by your attorney.

Tricks the police use to try to get you to talk

But staying quiet when confronted by the police can be difficult. After all, you might feel an urge to try to explain the situation or to come across empathetic. But you should avoid giving into these feelings, and you should be prepared for the police to utilize the following strategies to try to get you to talk about your drug case:

  • Coming across as friendly so that you feel comfortable conversing with them.
  • Indicating that they’ll go easy on you if you admit to the crime or give them other information that they’re looking for.
  • Threatening you with additional charges or saying that they’ll charge someone you care about if you don’t talk.
  • Lying to you about the evidence they have to make you feel like you have no option but to try to explain the situation.

Know how to effectively protect your rights in your drug case

You have the right to remain silent and the right to have an attorney present during police questioning. But even if you’re not subjected to custodial interrogation, you should still be leery of interacting with the police when you’re approached about an alleged drug crime. That’s why if you’ve been implicated in a drug offense, then you should consider immediately discussing the matter with your attorney so that you can formulate a strategy that protects your interests.