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Understanding Georgia's DUI penalties

When driving in the state of Georgia, people are expected to know and follow all of the local traffic laws, whether or not they are residents. Everyone who plans to be driving on Georgia roads should know the boundaries and penalties outlined in the law. That means knowing the DUI laws and understanding the penalties that can come with either a charge or a conviction so drivers who are suspected of driving under the influence do not wind up with excessive penalties.

How accurate are breath test results?

If you are facing DUI charges in the state of Georgia, you probably understand just how high the stakes are. What you might not understand is how problems with the accuracy of the equipment used to make that determination could determine your future. Having an attorney with experience defending drivers accused of operating vehicles under the influence helps because it not only means you have the aid of someone who understands the law, it also raises the likelihood that you will be hiring an individual who understands just how deep the problems with breath tests run.

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